Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homework Due Friday 1st June

Hey everyone,
Just a reminder that the small sheet of questions that I handed out tomorrow during class are due on Friday next week which is the 1st of June. One word answers are not expectable.  You should be aiming for a minimum of a paragraph for each question.

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  1. Here is a copy of the questions in case you lost them:

    1.Who were the longshoremen? Research the New York waterfront and in particular the area known as Hoboken and New Jersey.

    2.Put together a short profile of Elia Kazan, the director.

    3.What was McCarthyism and what impact did it have on the US during the 1950’s? What was the House Un-American Activities commission investigating? Kazan said the film is not based on the McCarthy with hunts but there are parallels especially with his own experiences.

    4.The film is based on actual events. Research the Waterfront Crime Commission hearings.