Thursday, May 31, 2012

1.“You don’t ask no questions. You don’t answer no questions unless you want to wind up like that.” Examine the workers’ responses throughout the film. Why are those so reluctant to speak out against the crime and injustice that they are exposed to?
2.Edie and Father Barry represent the moral consciousness of the group. They both encourage others to stand up for what is right. How do Edie’s words, “Did you ever hear of a saint hiding in a church?” serve as a catalyst for Father Barry to act?
3.Johnny Friendly’s interactions with his posse of followers inside The Bar reveal a lot about the corruption that exists within the Longshoreman Local Union and the ways in which Friendly maintains control. Make a list of the ways in which this loyalty is insisted upon by Friendly and his henchmen.
4.One of the key factors in Terry’s life is his lack of education and his simplicity. How do these scenes establish this? Keep a list of the references to Terry’s education in the film. When does his posture and demeanour change in the film?
5.Is Johnny Friendly a completely unsympathetic character? Justify your responses with evidence from the text.

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